Salary Loan


  • Direct deduction of loan installments by employer or client must receive his/her salary through Adehyeman.
  • Loan amount depends on net salary
  • Loan term ranges from 6 to 24 months
  • Quick disbursement (max 48 hours).


  • Low and competitive interest rates
  • Enjoy credit life insurance (death and permanent disability)
  • Quick loan disbursements
  • Simple loan assessments (no hassles)
  • Top-up loans
  • Rebate (interest reduction) on early repayment

Application Requirements

  • 3 most recent pay slips
  • National ID
  • Staff ID or letter of appointment
  • Employer must sign MOU to deduct installments at source payable to ASL or guarantee that client’s salary will be paid through ASL at least for the duration of the loan
  • 1 guarantor (salary earner or business owner )
  • 6 months bank statement (if any)

Additional Information

Exclusion List

  • Applicants under probation with their employers
  • Applicants who have less than a year to requirement

Early Repayment

  • In case of early repayment, the client will be required to pay the outstanding principal plus a month’s interest (excluding current month) whilst the rest of interest is waived off.
  • A client who qualifies for additional loan by virtue of positive loan adjustment or the existence of additional credit capacity to take more could easily apply for a Top up Loan.