Savings Account

Basic Requirements

  • A nationally recognized ID such as a Voters ID, NHIS ID, Driver’s License, Passport etc.
  • A minimum opening amount of GHC5 and above and
  • One passport size photograph

Product Features

  • High and competitive interest rates of up to 15%
  • Maximum security of funds
  • No limit on number of withdrawals
  • Value for monies saved as interest is calculated daily and applied monthly


  • Enjoy interest rates of up to 15%
  • Ability to use savings to securitize a loan
  • Get rewarded for being part of top our depositors
  • Have unlimited access to your deposits
  • Allows customers the flexibility to build up their deposits
  • Have value for your money as interest is calculated daily
  • Enjoy convenience due to the networked nature of our branches
  • Be part of our optional Business Management Seminars.