Cash Backed Loans

About Cash Backed Loans

This is an investment linked loan offered to Fixed deposit clients who want to raise capital using the investment as security. Application is processed within the SAME DAY, monthly instalment and 12-month duration at competitive rate

Target Group

1. Fixed Deposit Clients
2. Prospective fixed deposit clients
3. Saving and Current account holders who may want to convert to fixed deposit.

Loan Amount

1. Maximum Loan amount shall not exceed 85% of client investment
2. Shall be for Fixed deposit above GHC5,000

Loan Duration

1. Maximum: Up to 12 months
2. Processed within 24 hours upon receipt of application

Frequency of repayment

1. Monthly payment
2. 1st repayment date starts one month after disbursement


To be eligible for the Cash Backed Loans, here are the requirements

National ID

Passport Picture

No guarantor is required

Applicant should have a fixed Deposit account

Applicant who has facility with ASL may be considered

The loan and Fixed deposit must have the same duration

After computation, the investment portion shall not fall below an amount GHC3,000

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