Private Sector Loans

About Adehyeman Private Sector Loans

This is a consumer loan for Private Sector workers, i.e. staff of private institutions such as government sub-vented agencies, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, malls etc. Processed within 24 hours upon submission of completed application. Payment is by monthly at source or from account for maximum 48 months duration at competitive rate.

Target Group

Private sector workers

Loan Amount

No minimum or maximum amount


Flexible termination process
Insurance cover
Fixed interest rate

Loan Duration

Maximum up to 24 months
Processing 48hours

Frequency of repayment

Monthly payment
1st repayment date starts one month after disbursement


To be eligible for this loan, here are your requirements:

National ID

Two (2) Passport size Pictures

Three 3 months most recent payslip

No guarantor is required

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